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Enhancing a mobile app in 6 weeks thanks to Digital Beta-testing: the Credit Agricole case

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How to quickly identify improvements and corrections to the beta version of a mobile application and accelerate its time-to-market? That’s the new challenge launched by Credit Agricole Ukraine to upgrade its applications.  The global banking company Credit Agricole includes “Voice Of Customer” and “Co-creation” deep into its brand DNA. So, when Credit Agricole Ukraine wanted to assess the prototype of its under-development mobile app under real conditions, the Group advised them to use a collaborative digital platform to test their new functionalities with the help of their employees. Stanislav Perevezentsev, Digital Analyst / Strategist at Credit Agricole Ukraine tells us how the project was led and what were its key factors of success. mobile app - Fanvoice



A new collaborative approach to adress the challenge

“At every level, this project was a real adventure for Credit Agricole Ukraine” says Stanislav Perevezentsev. If co-innovation and co-creation are already in place at Credit Agricole SA through their dedicated ca-lab.fr platform “it was a completely new experience for us both thanks to the approach brought by Fanvoice’s solution and the way we are organized.” One of the Fanvoice’s strengths lies in the step-by-step customers coaching, “and its fully proven methodology for setting up campaigns. After few workshops to get familiar with the Fanvoice platform, and to define the goal and scope of the campaign, it was easy, clear and fast to build and launch the campaign exactly the way we wanted it to be. But much more than the methodology, Fanvoice helped us to find the best way to support and engage our community, the best triggers for actions, etc. “ mobile app - Fanvoice

A Beta-testing which enhances drastically our vision of the mobile app

After 6 weeks of campaign and more than 300 comments, ideas or bugs generated by Credit Agricole’s employee-testers, the Beta-testing session was a real success for the bank. As highlighted by Stanislav Perevezentsev: “it was very important for us to compile, transfer and track easily all the bugs reported to the development team and we found a way to do so with Fanvoice’s badge system. So both the testers and developers could see, at any time in the campaign, which issues were fixed or still being processed.” The categorization of each post allowee Credit Agricole Ukraine’s developers to fix in an agile way more than 50% of all bugs reported before the end of the campaign. mobile app - Fanvoice Since the campaign was finished, Fanvoice’s analytics team went deeper into the verbatim collected to produce a complete semantic analysis. Credit Agricole Ukraine received “a synthetic report of all the feedbacks from the testers including the classification of bugs, the strengths and weaknesses of the app, the categorization of “Must have”/”Nice to have” features and the identification of key customer reinsurance moments within the app. That was extremely helpful for us.”



The key factors of success of the Beta-testing campaign according to the Project Manager

In Stanislav Perevezentsev’s opinion, three main elements explaining the success of this campaign were :

  • The involvement of all stakeholders, continuously throughout the whole campaign – from the project and Fanvoice’s teams to the testers and developers – was a determining factor in the success of the Beta-testing session.
  • The community of testers’ engagement, supported by an internal communication plan and encouraged by the gamification system inside the Fanvoice platform – ie awards points for contributions – which allowed to collect many feedbacks and rich insights.
  • The intuitive and easy-to-use Fanvoice platform either for the testers to post an idea, or for the project team to run the community and extract results thanks to the admin panel.

  “At Crédit Agricole Ukraine, the collaboration with Fanvoice was our first end-to-end project with a startup company and it was a very good experience! The service and solution provided are very helpful for companies, especially big ones who are willing to innovate and listen to the Voice of their Customers or Employees.” mobile app - Julie Devinant Fanvoice

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